Engage your customers face to face with travel advice

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Vixly makes it easy for your customers to schedule and meet with your travel agents

Vixly offers a turnkey scheduling and video meeting service for travel agencies.

24/7 Booking

Let your customers book meetings based on the availability of your agents.


Offer free or paid advice (payment via Vixly/Stripe or your existing billing system).


Meet with customers on the user-friendly and secure Vixly video service or on-premise.


Let your customers rate and provide feedback on your travel agents.
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Demo: Appointment booking for travel agencies and agents

Travel Advice

Demo showing how customers can book video or in-branch meetings with their travel agency.
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Register for a free 30-day trial with unlimited access to functionality and unlimited use (paid sessions subject to fee).


Create a Vixly page for your organization and add your free or paid services. Optionally add support for payments via Vixly/Stripe.


Share link to your Vixly page on your website and social media, and add your personal Vixly link to your e-mail signature.
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