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Vixly is a Software as a Service (SaaS) empowering organizations to let their customers schedule video and on-premise sessions and meetings.

The Vixly affiliate partner program is ideal for blog, newsletter, social media and website owners targeting the same verticals as Vixly.

90-day cookie

We offer 90-day cookie window to increase the likelihood of your traffic converting to revenue to Vixly and commission to you.

20% commission

We give you 20% commission whenever an organization you refer pay for their monthly Vixly subscription.


Assuming the organizations you refer do not cancel or pause their monthly subscriptions, you'll get the commission every month.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the program without notice. See our Referral Program Terms and Conditions for further details.

How does it work?

How much commission?

The commission is hard to predict but the more relevant traffic you send to Vixly, the more commission you can expect.

Let's assume that the average subscription amount per user per month is $6.00 (actual amount may vary due to discount and currency exchange rates).

Example 1

1 organization
5 users
per month

Example 2

10 organizations
5 users per org
per month

Example 3

10 organizations
10 users per org
per month

Example 4

25 organizations
10 users per org
per month

Example 5

50 organizations
20 users per org
per month
The examples are only for illustration purposes. All commission payouts are based on actual subscription payments made by the organizations you refer.

How to get started

Join the program

Complete the Vixly onboarding wizard for partners and get access to the admin interface and your referral link.

Connect Vixly to Stripe

For automatic commission payouts, link your Vixly account to your existing Stripe account (or create a new one).


Promote Vixly with your referral link and start earning monthly recurring commissions from the first paid Vixly subscription.